Mini-Exchange to Chartres: September 12 – 15 2019

We had three separate celebrations in Chichester in 2019 for the 60th anniversary of our twinning with Chartres. The year would not have been complete, however, without a visit to Chartres to celebrate there with our friends. Rather than travel by coach, the 11 members participating travelled independently either by car and boat, or by Eurostar. Miraculously we all arrived within 15 minutes of one another at the Hotel Ibis, where a group of Amis de Chichester were waiting to greet us.

It was only a two-day visit, but we managed to pack in a good programme of visits, free time socialising and eating. Although it was mid-September, with temperatures in the upper 20’s it felt like summer. Highlights were a visit to the historic Château d’Anet and an after dark tour of Chartres en Lumières.