5th March 2020 Friends of Chartres link up with The Brownies…

For some time now we have been keen to attract younger members to the Friends of Chartres On March 5, Julia Sander and Rosie Speer went along to a meeting of the 6th Chichester Brownies to facilitate them earning their Language Badges.

Fifteen Brownies aged between 7 and 10 years old proudly demonstrated to us their knowledge of French colours and numbers, and even “how to survive in a French café”!  They were taught how to introduce themselves and to say “ça va?” before talking what it means to have a twin city in France. The Brownies were delightfully excited about the idea and promised to go home and tell their parents/carers about Chartres.

A number game and a wordsearch rounded off the session and Brown Owl told them they had all achieved the badge.