Marjorie Winn reaches 100 years

Marjorie Winn

Congratulations to Marjorie Winn on her 100th birthday. We’re not sure if she’s the first member of the Friends of Chartres to reach this age, but it’s a great achievement. Marjorie, who is a fluent French speaker, was an active member of our Association for many years. She took part in the exchange several times – the last time in 2014, when she was 94! She stayed with Dominique Gallas, who still plays an active part in the Amis de Chichester. Marjorie also attended the Petit Cercle Conversation Group, and hosted meetings regularly. We always looked forward to visiting Marjorie as she provided such elegant and scrumptious teas. Since Marjorie moved to a retirement home a couple of years ago, she has not been able to participate in our activities, but we miss her and wish her well.

Marjorie with members of the Petit Cercle; Left to right:

Jacqueline Combes, Diane Currie, Daphne Bowling, Marjorie Winn