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The cities of Chichester and Chartres have been twinned since 1959, and the Friends of Chartres is Chichester’s French Twinning Association. The partnership between the cities exists to foster understanding and friendship between the people of Chichester and Chartres, and to promote cultural, educational, sporting and economic links between the two cities.

The Friends of Chartres provide a lively programme of events for members, the highlight of which is an annual exchange visit with our partners in Chartres.  Throughout the year there are French-themed talks, visits to places of interest, French films, shared meals and other social events.   Whilst we actively encourage the learning and practice of the French language with monthly conversation circles at different levels, the ability to speak French is not essential. All that is needed to enjoy our many activities is enthusiasm for France and French culture.

In addition to the annual exchange, other groups in the city such as Rotary, Lions and sports clubs have formed links with and visit their counterparts in France.

New members are always welcome.

Find out more about us through our quarterly newsletter CITYLINK or email us at info@friendsofchartres.org.uk or telephone 01243 527435.