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We are inviting members to submit information  that the Association can share with other members, it could be photographs with this information, or just detail of an event or occasion it could be a recipe.

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Thanks to Anne Louise for the picture of Halnaker Mill on the South Downs and long may the good weather last.



Tribute to VE Day

Thanks to Anne Louise for sending this photo of a tea towel Union Jack as a tribute to VE Day.


Spitfire Fly Past

Anne Louise supplied this plan of the path for the Spitfire Fly Past on VE Day 8th May


99 year old Captain Tom Moore raises money for the NHS

At the age of 99 Captain Tom Moore decided to raise money for the NHS to do so he was to walk lengths of his garden, his efforts and the results, as at 19th April 2020 he has raised £23 million.

This short video shows an artist painting a portrait of Captain Tom overlaid with cut backs to the man himself walking.

The film is accompanied by a version of "You'll Never Walk Alone" recorded by Gerry Marsden in 1963

Click on the image below to view the video.


These are the hands

A poem written by Michael Rosen to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the NHS in 2008 - but very appropriate today.

These are the hands
That touch us first
Feel your head
Find the pulse
And make your bed.

These are the hands
That tap your back
Test the skin
Hold your arm
Wheel the bin
Change the bulb
Fix the drip
Pour the jug
Replace your hip.

These are the hands
That fill the bath
Mop the floor
Flick the switch
Soothe the sore
Burn the swabs
Give us a jab
Throw out sharps
Design the lab.

And these are the hands
That stop the leaks
Empty the pan
Wipe the pipes
Carry the can
Clamp the veins
Make the cast
Log the dose
And touch us last.


13th April 2020 - Strictly for wine loving gardners

Have you got space in your your vegetable patch for this?

Thanks to Ellen  for this contribution click on the link to view.


If only!! - À votre santé