Napoleon Part 1

Napoleon Part 1: Abel Gance
Sunday October 14, 2018
5.00 pm
The Studio
New Park Centre
Chichester PO19 7XY
Tickets £5.00
This classic of the silent cinema, filmed in 1927 by director Abel Gance, has entered the
digital era following a monumental, generation-spanning restoration project. Large sections
of the film were lost for many years, but award-winning film historian, Kevin Brownlow has
made it his life’s work to piece together this epic masterpiece. Composer Carl Davis has
written the score to accompany this extraordinary film.
The restored film runs at over 5 hours on screen and offers full scale recreations of episodes
from the personal and political life of the young Napoleon from his childhood to the French
Revolution and the First Italian Campaign of 1796.
We will show the first part of the film in which the young Napoleon wins his first battle, a
snowball fight at the military academy where he was educated.