From the Chairman

I would like to begin by thanking Julia Sander for all the work that she has done as Chairman over the last four years. Although she has handed over the chair I am very glad that she has agreed to continue in her role as organiser of events and the exchange visit to Chartres in particular.
My thanks also go to John Wilton for his work as Treasurer. I am glad that he is remaining on the committee.
We had hoped to visiting in our friends in Chartres in April 2020 but that was postponed until the autumn – which turned into spring and now we really do hope that we will be able to go in the autumn this year.
With our events on hold for so many months we have tried to maintain our programme via Zoom. It is obviously not the same as meeting in person but it has had the unforeseen benefit that we have been able to speak to our friends in Chartres as they have been dealing with the myriad of changing rules of ‘confinement’ on their side of the Channel.
The schools art challenge was organised very successfully for many years by Ray and Margaret Brown. My thanks to them as we seek new ways to get young people involved with the twinning.
I hope that in the coming months we will be able to devise a programme of events which will help to revitalise the Friends and encourage more people to join as we seek to maintain our existing friendships in Europe and make new ones.
Chichester’s twinning with Chartres was established long before the United Kingdom joined the then Common Market and I trust will continue long after we have left the European Union.If you are interested in finding out more about the Friends of Chartres (we are much more than a twinning exchange) do get in touch with us either by using the contact form on the website or I would be delighted to hear from you via my dedicated email address –

Michael Bevis