Guidelines for Facebook Users

Friends of Chartres – Chichester’s French Twinning Association

Guidelines when posting to the Association’s  Facebook page

Respect – it is incumbent on the members to respect other users, more so when difference of opinions arise. Whilst we aim to foster a healthy exchange of ideas related to The Friends of Chartres (FoC’s) mission and vision, encourage meaningful conversations and welcome users’ views, underpinning principles will be that of being polite and respectful.

Relevance – postings of and comments to the matters being discussed must relate to the ideals of the FoC, i.e. content & conversations that could foster and nurture the cross Channel friendship.

Privacy & Confidentiality – members are expected to uphold these tenets at all times keeping in spirit of the FoC’s ideals as well as the legislation as guided by GDPR and other relevant laws.

Commercial – any requests, advertisements etc. promoting personal business cannot be accepted and all such matters need to be directed to the Executive Committee of the FoC in the first instance.

Engage & enjoy – this is your Group, so contribute, engage in and enjoy various aspects of French culture together with the regular events held by the association. However, be aware that the Administrators (Admins) or the members of the Executive Committee have an over-arching duty of care to the members of the FoC and they reserve the right to decide on the relevance of postings and act accordingly in best interests of all users.

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Published April 1st 2022

Review Date April 1st 2023